Last revised: August 15, 2023

Increasing Customers, a part of Young Consulting LLC, (“We,” “Our,” “”) offers data marketing solutions (the “Services”) that assist both for-profit and non-profit entities, including their partners, in promoting their products and services in a pertinent and effective manner. Many of our methods, particularly aimed at enhancing email marketing, are outlined on this website.

We highly prioritize the privacy of individuals whose data we process and store in our system. This Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) is provided to detail how we deal with and manage information, along with outlining the rights that consumers have regarding the use of their information in our marketing efforts.

For specific details related to the requirements of the California Consumer Privacy Act, please refer to our “ADDENDUM FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS” located below.

In addition, we run corporate websites intended for our existing and potential clients, along with others interested in our services. The information we collect and use for these business objectives, such as engaging with our corporate clients and prospective clients, is addressed in Section 6 of this Privacy Policy.

Section A – Information That We Collect and Use in Our Identity Graph Services

To offer our Services, Increasing Customers gathers data, including personal details, from various origins such as websites and apps that accumulate the information, public records, and other data compilers. The data we obtain and process is referred to as “Information” or “the Information” throughout this Privacy Policy.

Our database’s Information encompasses different identifiable aspects, including:

  • Personal email addresses
  • Work-related information, including LinkedIn profiles, professional email addresses, etc
  • Details and activities linked to an email, like its recent usage, and the quantity and kind of marketing or “email open” activities connected to it
  • IP addresses
  • Unique identifiers for your browser or device, such as a cookie or device ID
  • Interaction data related to your email, like receiving, opening, or responding to an email, and correlated information
  • Interaction data related to website usage, such as visiting or logging into a site, page views, and other associated details
  • Demographic data, like estimated income or age group, family size, or homeownership status
  • Information about consumer interests, including potential product preferences or hobbies, such as likely pet ownership, if you are in-market for a new home or insurance, or other intent-based data

Some information might be deduced, like inferring a specific income bracket if a household resides in a notably affluent area. We might merge any of the information we gather or receive with other Information. Besides, Increasing Customers obtains information through this site (and any other sites we manage) and our business activities. This information is detailed in Section 6.

Section B – How we use the information

Increasing Customers employs the Information for a range of functions, including the ones outlined below.

Within Our Services:

Data Marketing Services: Our Services encompass supplying marketing insights to our clients, often regarding which current or potential customers are apt (or unlikely) to be interested in particular offers. This extends to helping clients recognize and comprehend their customers more accurately by offering insights. Our clientele consists of (but is not restricted to) small and medium businesses, advertising and media agencies, brands, marketing agencies, service companies, and marketing data platforms aiding their customers in marketing and advertising to their audience. This might also involve other data compilers working with their own clients.

Retargeting Services: We occasionally assist our customers in “retargeting” marketing content to website visitors. Specifically, our Services enable customers to email individuals who have visited or logged into their websites, utilizing information such as cookie IDs and email addresses for this aim.

Additional Marketing Services: Beyond the aforementioned Services, we may offer other aid to our clients, such as (a) supporting, monitoring, and producing the targeting and optimization of email campaigns, displays, or other marketing initiatives; (b) gauging the efficacy of marketing endeavors by identifying which messages or advertisements are more likely to be viewed or lead to purchases by various consumer types; (c) scrutinizing and refining our customers’ (or their service providers’) proprietary databases; (d) assisting customers in detecting and averting fraud, as well as offering “validation” or data hygiene services, for instance, by authenticating or removing or correcting stale, wrong, or outmoded information or assessing the recent activity of an email address.

For Our Own Service Operations:

We also utilize the Information described previously for our internal needs – for example, to enhance, examine, update, and authenticate our database; create new products; and manage, analyze, enhance, and secure our Services, databases, and servers.

Section C – How Information is Shared with Third Parties and Service Providers

Increasing Customers might disseminate the Information with clients, marketing platforms, and service providers who assist us in delivering the Services outlined previously (or any new services we may introduce). The sharing is conducted in the following ways:

With Our Customers: As stated earlier, we grant access to the Information to our customers in various manners (and occasionally to partners and resellers, who in turn license the Information to their customers) as part of our Services. We might also share the Information with those customers’ service providers, like a company that manages printing or mailing on behalf of a customer.

With Our Partners: We might also distribute the Information, comprising personally identifiable details and Audience Segments, with business and data associates to enable more personalized targeted marketing, advertising, and communication. This sharing can also be for analytical reasons, such as assisting other parties in assessing campaign success, planning future initiatives, or managing, analyzing, or segmenting the Information on our or our clients’ behalf.

With Our Service Providers: We pass on the Information to a range of service providers to manage, safeguard, promote our Services, and sustain our website(s). For example, we may share Information with our technology, hosting, and customer service providers, marketing and advertising vendors, other data providers (like those who enhance or verify our Information), security vendors, payment vendors (related to our B2B information), and other businesses that aid us in delivering, safeguarding, or advancing our Services.

Corporate Transfers: If Increasing Customers, its shares, or significant assets are bought or amalgamated into another organization, our information will be transferred to that entity and may be shared during due diligence ahead of any such transaction.

Affiliates, Parent Companies, and Subsidiaries: We may disseminate part or all of the Information with any affiliated or subsidiary companies (should we have any).

As Mandated by Law or for Protection: Increasing Customers might disclose Information if we feel that such a disclosure is vital to (a) conform in good faith with applicable laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants directed at us; or (b) guard or otherwise safeguard the rights, assets, or safety of Increasing Customers, our clients, or any other individual or entity.

Section D – Options for Marketing Opt-Out and Your Choices

You have various methods to choose from if you wish to opt-out of using the Information for marketing purposes:

General Opt-Out: You can visit our opt-out page at to request the removal of your personal information from our database. In most situations, your personal information will be deleted from our active marketing databases within 15 business days from the receipt of the opt-out request. In specific cases (and where legally allowed), we may ask you to verify the submitted information, such as via a confirmed email response or other authenticated response.

Email Marketing Opt-Out: If you want to opt-out of email marketing from a specific brand (like one of our customers), simply click on the “opt-out” or “unsubscribe” link found at the bottom of the marketing email you’ve received.

Direct Mail Opt-Out: Although we usually don’t typically participate in “direct mail” marketing, some of our partners and customers might. If you want to opt-out of this type of marketing—meaning materials sent to your physical mailbox—we suggest you visit the DMA Choice website at Managed by the Direct Marketing Association, DMA Choice enables you to take a few simple steps to make sure your marketing preferences are respected.

Corporate Email Marketing Opt-Out: If we market to you through email in our corporate capacity—such as if you’re a current or potential customer, and we send details about our Services—you can “unsubscribe” from our marketing emails via a link embedded in those emails.

Section E – Cookies and Similar Technologies: Understanding and Management

At Increasing Customers, we and our business partners utilize industry-standard technologies, including cookies and similar functionalities. Here’s how they work and how we use them:

Cookies: These are small data files containing a string of characters, like a unique browser identifier. They’re stored on your device and act as tags that identify it. When you visit a website, servers (ours or others’) send your device a cookie. These are often used by us or our third-party service providers to tailor ads, place browser cookies, or provide or enhance our services.

Third-Party Involvement: We may collaborate with third parties or service providers. They may set and access their cookies, pixel tags, and similar technologies on your browser, with cookies that may have varying expiration dates. This can include collecting information about your browser, device, or browsing activities.

Pixel Tags: Also known as web beacons or clear GIFs, these are invisible 1 x 1 pixels placed on specific web pages. They can generate a generic notice of the visit and allow our partners (or sometimes us) to read the cookies deployed. Used with cookies, pixel tags track site activity by a particular device.

Why Cookies are Used: Cookies can “remember” you, determine patterns and trends, collect information on client sites, or interact with the advertising you see. This allows for relevant content delivery and the replacement of non-relevant communications with ads tailored to your interests.

How to Disable Cookies:

Default Settings: Most web browsers accept cookies by default.

Your Options: You may have the option to set your browser to warn you before accepting certain cookies or to refuse them altogether.

Potential Impact: Disabling cookies in your web browser can lead to some features of our website and other services becoming difficult to use or inoperable.

Remember, cookies and similar technologies are tools used to enhance your online experience. Whether or not to disable them is a decision that may impact how websites and online services function for you.

Section F – Data Collection Through Our Corporate Website(s)

Our website collects various types of information from its users, including:

Browser and Device Information: Domain name, IP address, user agent, time stamp, and details about the browser or device.

User Interactions: Information on content and pages accessed, utilized, or visited on the website, including time spent on specific content.

User-Provided Information: This may include survey responses, sign-up details for webinars/events/newsletters, contact information, mailing addresses, and email addresses.

How Increasing Customers Utilizes This Information:

The information collected is used to:

  • Create and manage user accounts.
  • Provide requested services.
  • Communicate with users, including sharing news and updates.
  • Retarget users with offers and ads for Increasing Customers products and services.
  • Send offers and ads from partner brands or other exciting opportunities, such as event invitations.
  • Analyze data for market research.
  • Enhance products and advertisements by combining information with data from other sources.
  • Administer and tailor the website based on user interaction and demographic information.
  • Comply with legal obligations and enforce terms and conditions.
  • Manage offline information (e.g., business cards collected at trade shows) for marketing and business purposes.
  • Sharing the Collected Information

We may share or disclose this information as follows:

With Service Providers: This includes tech support, marketing and advertising providers, data enhancement or verification providers, payment vendors, and others that help deliver or develop services.

For Marketing: Information may be shared for email marketing, direct mail, or display media.

Under Legal Obligation: Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or other information may be disclosed if required by law or to protect rights, safety, or property.

In Corporate Transactions: If Increasing Customers is involved in a merger, sale, or other corporate change, the information may be transferred to the successor entity. It may also be shared during due diligence in such a transaction.

Cookies and Similar Technologies: The website uses cookies and similar technologies for internal purposes and to market to users (such as retargeting ads across the Internet).

The above encapsulates how Increasing Customers collects, uses, and shares information through its corporate website. The practices align with various operational needs, marketing efforts, legal compliance, and overall enhancement of services. 

Users are advised to understand these practices and how they relate to their interactions with the website.

Section G – External Links

Our website may include links to other sites. The company is not accountable for the privacy practices of these external websites or companies.

Section H – Security and Data Integrity

Protection Measures: We employ measures such as firewalls, encryption, hashing or truncation of data, and access controls to help secure personal information. We also rely on our technology partners like Google, Amazon, and others to securely store and access our data. 

No Absolute Guarantee: Users should be aware that no platform, including Increasing Customers, can guarantee complete immunity from hacks or illegal intrusion.

SECTION I – Changes to our Privacy Policy

Updates: Increasing Customers may update the Privacy Policy periodically. Any changes will take effect once posted on the website, and users are encouraged to review the policy regularly.

Section J – Storage of Information in the United States

Server Location: If accessing the site outside the United States, connections will likely go through servers in the U.S., and all information provided will be processed and stored within the U.S.

Different Privacy Standards: International users should recognize that U.S. laws may have different privacy standards than their own country.

Section K – Your California Privacy Rights

Rights Under CCPA: If a resident of California, the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) grants certain rights regarding disclosure, access, and deletion of information. An “Addendum for California Residents” is available at the end of the Privacy Policy for more details. You can also opt-out as a California resident under CCPA here: 

Section L – Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact


Last modified August 15, 2023


This section is specifically aimed at natural persons residing in California who use the Services of Increasing Customers. The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (“CCPA”) grants specific rights and protections to California Consumers. This Addendum complements the general Privacy Policy and is solely applicable to California Consumers.

Our Collection of Personal Information:

Types and Sources: The CCPA has a broad definition of Personal Information. Details on the types of Personal Information collected, and the sources from which it is gathered will be described within the policy.

Our Disclosure and Sale of Personal Information:

Recipients: Information regarding the types of recipients to whom Personal Information may be disclosed or sold is provided in the policy.

Our Business Purposes:
Collection and Sharing Purposes: Increasing Customer’s business purposes for both collecting and sharing Personal Information are described within the policy, and are generally consistent for both activities.

Your California Privacy Rights and Choices:

Rights under CCPA: As a California Consumer, you have specific rights under the CCPA. These include:

  • Opt-Out Rights: You may request that your information be opted out from the marketing database (also referred to as “do not sell” rights).
  • Access and Information Requests: You can request details about the categories and specific pieces of Personal Information that may have been collected about you.

If you are a resident of California, the CCPA affords you particular rights regarding your Personal Information. These include the right to know about the collection and disclosure of your Personal Information, the ability to opt-out of certain uses of your information, and the right to request specific details about the information collected. Increasing Customers full policy will outline the details concerning these rights and the company’s practices in relation to California Consumers.

1- Our Collection of Personal Information:

Depending on how you interact with us, we may collect about you in the categories of information summarized in the table below.

Category: Identifiers, e.g., name; alias; postal address; mobile ad or cookie identifiers; IP address; telephone number; email address; social network handles and other information

Categories of Sources for Above

  • Data compilers and consumer data resellers, informational and retail websites (“Commercial Source Categories”)
  • Public records and other publicly available sources
  • Government entities
  • Social networks

Commercial or transactions information: E.g., products or services purchased, obtained, or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies.

Categories of Sources for Above:

  • Commercial Source Categories
  • Public records and other publicly available sources

Internet or other electronic network activity information: E.g., browsing history; online interests.

Categories of Sources for Above:

  • Commercial Source Categories

Professional or employment-related information: E.g., current or past job history or job title.

Categories of Sources for Above:

  • Public records and other publicly available sources
  • Commercial Source Categories

Inference Data: E.g., consumer information or preferences.

Categories of Sources for Above:

  • Commercial Source Categories

The information we gather from you will be distributed for different professional reasons, including to service providers and other third parties such as our clients. The following chart illustrates the ways and entities with whom we disclose or share personal details, and whether, in line with the CCPA’s interpretation of a “sale,” we consider that we have “sold” specific types of information within the last year.=

Category – Identifiers, e.g., name; alias; postal address; mobile ad identifiers; IP address; telephone number; email address; social network handles

Categories of Third Parties We Share With (identifiers):

  • Data compilers and consumer data resellers, consumer goods retailers, informational and retail websites, content publishers, non-profit organizations, business-to-business services and organizations, consumer surveys and survey companies, affiliate networks (“Commercial Recipient Categories”)
  • Advertising networks and media platforms, political campaigns, internet service providers, data analytics providers
  • Social networks

 Whether We “Sold” This Category of Personal Information in the Last 12 Months Above:

  • Yes

Category – Commercial or Transactions Information E.g., products or services purchased, obtained, or considered, or other purchasing or consuming histories or tendencies.

Categories of Third Parties We Share With (Commercial or Transactions Information):

  • Commercial Recipient Categories
  • Advertising networks and media platforms, political campaigns, internet service providers, data analytics providers
  • Social networks

 Whether We “Sold” This Category of Personal Information in the Last 12 Months Above:

  • Yes

Category – Internet or other electronic network activity information. E.g., browsing history; online interests.

Categories of Third Parties We Share With (Internet or other electronic network activity information):

  • Commercial Recipient Categories
  • Advertising networks and media platforms, political campaigns, internet service providers, data analytics providers, and social networks

 Whether We “Sold” This Category of Personal Information in the Last 12 Months Above:

  • Yes

Category – Inference Data. E.g., consumer information or preferences.

Categories of Third Parties We Share With (Inference Data):

  • Commercial Recipient Categories
  • Advertising networks and media platforms, political campaigns, internet service providers, data analytics providers
  • Social networks

Whether We “Sold” This Category of Personal Information in the Last 12 Months Above:

  • Yes

We may distribute any personal information we gather in the following ways:

Legal Purpose Sharing: We might disclose personal details to third parties for the following legal reasons: (a) adhering to legal or regulatory proceedings (such as subpoenas or court orders); (b) enforcing our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and other agreements with you, including probing potential violations; (c) handling claims that any content infringes the rights of others; and/or (d) safeguarding the rights, property, or personal safety of our platform, customers, agents, affiliates, users, or the general public. We may also supply information to other entities (including law enforcement agencies) for protection against fraud, spam/malware prevention, and related objectives.

Corporate Transaction Sharing: In situations involving significant corporate activities, such as mergers, investments, acquisitions, reorganizations, consolidations, bankruptcy, liquidation, or the sale of some or all of our assets, or during the due diligence connected with any such transactions, we may share personal information.

Service Providers Sharing: The personal information we collect may be shared with our service providers. This could involve those who support us with tech or customer assistance, operations, web or data hosting, billing, accounting, security, marketing, data management, validation, enhancement, hygiene, or other functions that aid us in offering, developing, maintaining, and enhancing our services.

Aggregate Information Sharing: We might aggregate and/or de-identify any information collected so that it can no longer be associated with you or your device (“Aggregate/De-Identified Information”). We may employ Aggregate/De-Identified Information for any purpose, including but not limited to research and marketing, and may share such information with any third parties, such as advertisers, promotional partners, and sponsors, at our discretion.


In general, we gather and share the Personal Information that we collect for the following reasons, also outlined in our Privacy Policy and/or our website.

Reasons for Gathering, Utilizing, and Sharing Personal Information

Data Marketing Services, such as:

  • Creating data marketing instruments and products for our marketer clients, as detailed in our Privacy Policy and on our websites. This involves supplying datasets, connecting data across datasets (data “appends”), inferring about potential identifiers (data “scoring”), evaluating and correcting personal information (data hygiene services), and identifying potentially fraudulent activity (security and anti-fraud services).
  • Aiding our Clients in recognizing and comprehending their consumers by offering insights, managing loyalty programs, and supplying financial and other scoring products.
  • Supporting our Clients via our Services to enhance the service they offer to their current and prospective customers, typically related to the aforementioned points.
  • Creating associations or “identity” graphs between various data points to locate users across channels based on common identifiers like IP address, cookie or device identifiers, email address.

Additional Marketing Services (which may overlap with “data marketing services” above), such as:

  • Facilitating the optimization and targeting of email and direct mail campaigns, display, mobile, and social media marketing.
  • Determining the efficacy of online or offline advertising campaigns by identifying messages most likely to be seen or opened by particular consumer types, or the kinds of ads most likely to result in purchases.
  • Analyzing, optimizing our Clients’ proprietary databases, or assisting Clients in identifying and reducing potential fraud.
  • Offering “verification” or “hygiene” services, where companies validate, correct, or remove outdated, incorrect, or old information.

Operating our Services, for example:

  • Testing, enhancing, updating, and verifying our database.
  • Innovating new products.
  • Operating, analyzing, enhancing, and safeguarding our Services.

Other In-House Purposes, such as:

  • Internal activities including operations, auditing, research, detecting security incidents, debugging, transient use, quality control, and ensuring legal compliance.

We might use information from our website, social networks, “business to business” interactions (e.g., information gathered at trade shows), or data compilers for the aforementioned purposes, as well as for our own marketing activities.


California residents can exercise their rights without facing discrimination. These rights include requesting a disclosure of the personal information we collect, deleting that information, and opting out of the sale of personal information, though some restrictions may apply. You can also designate an agent to exercise these rights on your behalf. This section details how to do so, and our process for handling these requests (we may charge a reasonable fee to comply with your request, as allowed by law).

Sometimes, our role is simply that of a “service provider” to our clients (e.g., providing analytics or data processing). In these cases, any requests for opt-out, deletion, or access must be made through the client, and we will forward such requests to them as appropriate.

Right to Request “Do Not Sell” of Personal Information

You can request us to not “sell” your personal information. To do this, you can use our “Do Not Sell” web form at link at or email us at We’ll then add your information to an internal “suppression” list to remove it from our active database if we obtain it again.

Right to Request Deletion of Personal Information

You can request the deletion of personal information we have collected, by emailing However, we may interpret a “deletion” request as a “Do Not Sell” request in good faith, or retain information for purposes like fraud prevention, technical issues, legal compliance, research, etc. Deleting certain information may also impact your ability to access or use our Services.

Right to Request Access to Personal Information

If you are a California resident, you may request details about the categories or specific pieces of personal information we have collected. Make such a request here: link. Some information may be withheld if the risk to privacy rights is too significant. We will verify your identity for security purposes.

Right to Nondiscrimination

We will not discriminate against you if you choose to exercise these rights.

Right to “Opt-Out” of Sale of Personal Information

You may opt-out of the “sale” of your personal information, as defined broadly under California law. Use this link – 

Information about Minors under 16

We don’t knowingly collect personal information from minors under 16 without legal consent in California. If we find out we have, we will take reasonable steps to remove it or obtain the required consent.

Authorized Agents

You can designate an agent to exercise these rights under CCPA. We will verify both your and your agent’s identity, and may require legal authorization from you.

Please note: we may act only as a “service provider” in some instances, forwarding requests to a client if necessary. Certain types of information are retained for specific reasons, such as business protection, compliance with legal obligations, and maintaining the functionality and security of our Services.